Business advice

Product development and market testing for a leading national arts education provider

We worked with one of Australia’s premier arts education providers to develop a new product and service line. We conducted business modelling, market intelligence research and product / service development to support our client’s strategic investment decisions.

Financial modelling for the potential expansion of a national visual arts organisation

We developed a financial model for a leading national arts organisation considering expanding. We created an adjustable financial model and researched expected costs and possible revenue streams. The organisation is using this information in its critical decisions about the next five years.

Business planning workshops for creative entrepreneurs at the Information and Cultural Exchange

We designed and delivered a business planning workshop for eight creative business entrepreneurs in residence at ICE in Parramatta, western Sydney. We also provided one-on-one business coaching to the entrepreneurs as follow-up to the workshop.

Brand benchmarking research for Merrigong Theatre Company and the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre

We are working with the Merrigong Theatre Company on a market research project to understand ticket buyers brand perceptions and the impact on ticket sales and brand connection.

Business coaching for a regional physical theatre and education company

We are coaching the executives of a regional physical theatre company. This involves business mentoring, sales and business development coaching and product and service development. So far we have seen a financial turnaround in the company’s bottom line and projected sustainability, and a significant increase in staff retention.

Philanthropy for Sydney Symphony

From March to December 2013, we raised $150,000 in philanthropic funding for Sydney Symphony. This represented a return on investment for the company of 12:1.

Skills audit of film school students for the games industry

Yen conducted an audit of skills for the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS). This was used in AFTRS planning for education program delivery.

Business plan appraisals 

We analysed over 30 business plans for the Australia Council for the Arts. We reviewed businesses’ governance, financials, risk, marketing and development plans. Our appraisals were used in funding decisions.