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surveyInstruments for measuring the arts impact 

I put together a table of various validated instruments which could be used when working out how to measure the impact of an arts participation program. I thought others might find it helpful so here it is!

Meaningful measurement – how do we articulate the value of public libraries in a contemporary context?

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 9.48.25 PM

This is a presentation Jackie did for the SWITCH2015 NSW Public Libraries Association Annual Conference, held in Sydney on 18-19 November 2015. Jackie spoke about the reasons to evaluate, what evaluation means, how to go about it and the potential uses of an evaluation for library staff, their funders and stakeholders.

Evaluation – Arts and Social Inclusion

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.57.56 AMThis was a presentation Jackie gave at the Creative Victoria Expert Arts Panel on 28 October 2015. It’s a basic overview of what’s involved in evaluating arts projects which aim to achieve social inclusion goals. I think that Creative Victoria will upload the full session to its website shortly, so I will add the link once it is live.


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.29.37 pmGuide to articulating artistic impact 

Not to blow our own trumpets (or only a little), this is a useful resource which we developed for the Australia Council for the Arts, for those in the arts looking for ways to articulate their impact beyond the usual ideas of excellence and quality. The e-book brings together five key dimensions of an arts organisation’s impact, and includes case studies and examples of how to reflect and evaluate the ‘immeasurable’ impact of the arts. Also useful for other sectors looking for examples of how to explain their intangible benefits in words.


Survey-tips-picTop evaluation tips for small organisations (1.5 MB PDF)

This is a presentation we delivered to non-government organisations which work with the Victorian Department of Education on partnership projects in schools. it sets out basic steps and advice about gathering evidence of impact.


What is Appreciative Inquiry? (PDF)

We are often asked about the various types of evaluative approaches. Here we have summarised the key elements of Appreciative Inquiry, because it’s one of our favourites – an approach which combines evaluation with empowerment and forward planning.

Practical advice for researching audiences at outdoor events and festivals (PDF)

Published by Audiences London, this is a useful practical guide to how to gather information about audiences at large, public and outdoor events. We found it very clear and easy to read.

Evaluating ‘collective’ impact

The Collective Impact Forum published this set of guides to evaluate ‘collective’ impact. ‘Collective impact’ is the current buzzword in the social change sector, with an important concept at heart – how to evaluate the outcomes from organisations working together to effect change (and make sure that collaboration is an effective use of resources).

Guide to social impact measurement

The UNSW Centre for Social Impact published this guide to social impact measurement. It explains basic concepts and steps involved in the process and different methodologies appropriate to different projects and situations. An excellent resource, especially if you already have a bit of a knowledge in this area and are looking for something to set out all the various approaches so you can choose the best one for your project.

Partnerships analysis tool

VicHealth published this guide to evaluating the role and impact of partnerships. It’s a great and simple resource for organisations involved in collaborative endeavours. There are several other guides out there (e.g. the British Strategic Partnering Taskforce has one too), but we did a bit of a review of what is out there and the VicHealth one is our favourite.

Using the arts in community development

Beyond Empathy published this resource for community development agencies seeking to use the arts to achieve social impacts. It explains how to decide whether to use the arts and/or
get involved in a community, and how to measure  impact.

Literature review of ways to ‘measure’ artistic vibrancy (PDF)

Jackie didMeaningful-measurement-pic this during her time at the Australia Council for the Arts, before she started BYP Group. It is a pretty comprehensive review of the available literature about ways to measure artistic impact, and informed the development of the Artistic Vibrancy Framework and E-Book, which is popular internationally because it gives artists and non-artist funders a way to talk to each other.




ThAMPAG-report-pice arts and digital technology

Jackie and Yen produced a number of reports about how the arts can use digital technology positively in business and creative contexts. You can download the first report they did, entitled, ‘Don’t Panic: The Impact of Digital Technology on the Performing Arts,’ here and their second report,‘Impact of Digital Technology on the Major Performing Arts’.